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Plagiarism CheckerFAQ

In the section you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about Plagiarism Checker.

  1. Why do I need to detect a text originality by Plagiarism Checker?

    Originality is a parameter expressed in a percentage and defined by special algorithms of search engines. Low originality means that a text contains a lot of fragments which match with the previously posted content on the Internet.

    And, conversely, high originality partially or fully excludes the matches.

    The high originality of a text is required due to the fact that search engines are very negative about plagiarism. The reason is that websites containing duplicate content are badly ranked by them. It means that pages which have plagiarized content cannot attract new visitors. A huge amount of plagiarism can lead to different sanctions imposed by search engines. That's why SEO specialists want to get only unique content when ordering articles for a website.

  2. How does the algorithm of Plagiarism Checker work?

    Plagiarism Checker online is the fastest way of detecting duplicate content on the Internet.

    The algorithm has advanced methods which are totally different from methods of shingles. Plagiarism Checker will detect plagiarism even:

    • after rearrangements in word order,
    • if cases, tenses, word forms were changed,
    • if new words were added to an original sentence.

  3. Where can I find my archive of checked texts?

    On the mainpage there is "Text archive" at the bottom.

    All the checked texts are stored in the archive for 30 days and then they are deleted automatically. You can also delete any text manually. The recorded texts are stored permanently. To find a text easy, you need use filters for searching by a text type, a date of checking and its accessibility.

  4. Why does a text originality decrease?

    The check results depend on different factors. The reasons for a text originality decrease:

    1. Similar content was posted on the Internet during this time.
    2. When a text was checked for plagiarism, a website containing similar content was unavailable and was not included in the results.
    3. If you rewrite news, originality can change very rapidly because other people rewrite the same news and post it on the Internet.

    Anyway, we recommend focusing on the lower originality and edit a text according to it. Open the link to your text with the lowest originality and rewrite highlighted fragments or fragments which frame them.

  5. How do I increase a text originality?

    You need a high-quality revision of a text to reach 100% originality.

    • Pay special attention to thickly highlighted fragments. Getting rid of them will help to raise your text originality.
    • We recommend deep rewriting: replacing words with their synonyms, paraphrasing, etc.

  6. What is the maximum text size for checking?

    A text for checking can contain from 100 to 15,000 characters (16-2,500 words). If it has more than 15,000 characters (2,500 words), divide it into fragments and check each one separately.

  7. After checking a text for plagiarism a text format is incorrect/spaces between words disappear. How do I avoid it?

    An incorrect format can appear when copying a text from a Word document. Texts in such document types often contain non-breaking spaces/paragraphs and hidden tags which are automatically deleted during the check and break a format. Deleting spaces and merging words can significantly affect the originality by increasing it without proper reasons.

    To avoid it, copy a text from the Word document to notepad for clearing a format and then copy a text from notepad to the checking field.

  8. How do I record a text originality?

    To record a text originality you need to check it for plagiarism at first. Then click "Enable access to all" to the left from the check form. Then press the button "Record the text originality" and tick all the fields in the opened window. Next, "Get banner code" and post a banner on your website on the page containing the text.

  9. What are the advantages of recording check results?

    The first step towards protection of your content from being duplicated is to record the results of Plagiarism Checker by 1Text.com banners. What advantages do 1Text.com banners have?

    • They will discourage content thieves from stealing your content.
    • You can use the banners as an argument for a complaint.

    If your text will be copied and posted on a website anyway and its originality will decrease, you can start copyright protection by writing a complaint against the owner or the administrator of a website where your content is posted.

    Official complaints about сopyright infringement will make violators delete your texts in 90% of cases. Moreover, it is aimed to claim the compensation for benefit loss and for pain and suffering.

  10. What do I do if my text is 0% unique and only my website is in the list of matched sources?

    If you checked a text which originality turned out to be very low, and there is your website in the list of matched sources, you can exclude it. Just press the button "Exclude the link" and the results will automatically change. Then you will get the results of Plagiarism Checker excluding your website.

  11. I want to record check results by a banner but instead of them I see an empty window. What shall I do?

    You must have enabled the add-on AdBlock. To record the results of Plagiarism Checker and get a banner code you just need to disable it.

  12. What is the difference between plagiarism checker for the tariffs “Speed” and “Economy”? How do I switch between them?

    In the section “Plagiarism Checker” there are the following text checkers:

    1) Paid, that is for Speed tariff using the symbols from PRO-package.
    2) Free for Economy tariff. You can switch between tariffs with the help of tumbler that is under the field of the checker.

    The tariffs do not influence on the quality of checks, they just differ with speed of getting a result.
    Paid check for the tariff “Speed” is much faster than check for registered users using the tariff “Economy”. Free check is used on the tariff “Economy”.
    For this tariff there are day limits that depend on user’s activity in the system:
    - registered users have 15 000 symbols/day, - registered users with PRO-package have 300 000 symbols/day (for a week after buying),

    A size of a text to check depends on a tariff you choose:
    - The tariff “Economy” you can check a text that is maximum 15 000 symbols at once. - The tariff “Speed” when you have PRO-package you can check texts up to 150 000 symbols. The number of checks will be limited only by the rest of the symbols in PRO-package. In other words, you can check texts unless the PRO-package runs out.