About us

The team of the best professionals works on the project 1Text.com every day. We always look for better solutions for you and take care of each User of the website.

1Text.com is a free plagiarism checker with integrated checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation and word count which will detect such text criteria as keyword density, watery and number of words and characters.

Plagiarism Checker use improved algorithms and advanced technologies for checking texts. It will detect rewriting and swapped letters which are used in order to raise text originality. The system is impossible to cheat!

Grammar Checker is a free tool for detecting grammar, punctuational, spelling mistakes. It will also point out the mistypes you made by accident.

Word Count will help to identify a number of words, characters including/excluding spaces in your text. Another important function of the service is the analysis of keywords and a semantic core of your article, detection of watery. All these criteria are important for a website where you are going to post it. With the help of Word Count you will get a high-quality optimized text.