Service description

1Text.com Word Count is totally unique without any equivalents on the Web. Highlighting watery fragments, keyword density areas, and keywords in a text make the analysis interactive and easy to interpret.

Word Count includes:

Word count, character count in your text online

The online service count words and characters in your text, including or excluding spaces.

Analysis of keywords and semantic core of a text

Finding keywords and detection of theiк number is extremely useful for writing new texts and improving existing ones. The service arranges keywords in groups and by frequency for fast and simple search. It will also show keyword forms when you click on it.

Detection of watery in the text

Shows the exact percentage of stop-words, idioms and conjunctions it the text. A small percentage of watery in the text is natural, but:

  • to 15% - average amount of watery;
  • from 15% to 30% - exceeded amount;
  • from 30% - high amount of watery in the text.

Detection of keywords density of the text

Keyword density shows a number of keywords in a text. The more the keywords, the higher the keyword density:

  • to 30% - absence or average number of keywords in a text;
  • from 30% to 60% - SEO-optimized text. Search engines consider such texts relevant to the keywords they include in most cases.
  • from 60% - too optimized text with high keyword density.

Search for words with swapped letters

The parameter finds words consisting of letters from different alphabets: for example, the English word "table", where an "a" is taken from the Cyrillic alphabet. Some copywriters swap letters in the texts to pass Plagiarism Check successfully and raise the percentage of originality. Word Count 1Text.com will detect such words easily.