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PRO-packages of symbols

Buy a package of symbols
11.99 $
150 thousand symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.08 $
17.99 $
300 thousand symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.06 $
24.99 $
500 thousand symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.05 $
39.99 $
1 million symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.04 $
69.99 $
2 million symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.035 $
149.99 $
5 million symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.03 $
249.99 $
10 million symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.025 $
399.99 $
20 million symbols
For 1000 symbols.: 0.02 $
Package types
About FREE-package
When user registers and confirms the e-mail, they get free package of 15 000 symbols, it is possible to use them for checks without limits.
Please, note! You can use the package only once. If you do not have Free package in your account, in means that someone has already used it from your IP. All the possible bonuses and the price of the services are described on the page of the PRO-account.
PRO-packages different in size and price. The bigger package, the lower price for 1000 symbols. When you buy a package that you choose by a size you can use fast paid checks on the tariff Speed.
Checks will be limited only by the number of symbols left in the PRO-package without taking time into account.
The maximum size of a text to check is 100 000 symbols.
You can see the amount of symbols left that an authorized user has at the top of the website in “My symbols”.
The history of withdrawal of paid symbols for all your checks is available on the page Usage history.
The results of checks are available on the page «Text Archive».
Unregistered user can check 5000 symbols per day for free. The limit for the registered user is higher - 15 000 symbols per day. To check a text over 15 000 symbols you need to buy PRO-package or upgrade to PRO-account.
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