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PRO-package of symbols

Use symbols from the PRO-package for fast plagiarsim check.

List of PRO-packages
150 000 symbols
150 K
11.99 $

1 / 8

150 K
11.99 $
300 K
17.99 $
500 K
24.99 $
1 M
39.99 $
2 M
69.99 $
5 M
149.99 $
10 M
249.99 $
20 M
399.99 $

Advantages of a PRO-package

Increasing the check speed. Your text will be checked on a priority basis.
The quantity of checks per a day is not limited.*

You can launch checks according to the size of your PRO-package.

*The cost of checking 1 000 symbols depends on the size of a PRO-package you buy.

Frequently asked questions

What’s a FREE-package?

A FREE-package is a free bonus PRO-package for every User to test the convenience of a PRO-check after the email confirmation.

Use it to understand the speed and different check types which a PRO-package provides.

Please, note! You can use the package only once. If you do not have a FREE package in your account, it means that someone has already used it from your IP.

Where can I find the history of my checks?

The history of checks is in the archive. Go to the page “Plagiarism Checker” and click on the link “Archive of texts”.

Where can I find my withdrawal of symbols from PRO-package?

The history of withdrawal of paid symbols for all your checks is available on the page Usage history.

The information about used symbols according to each month is in the table. You can also download the data in different formats clicking on the button “Data export”.

What’s the difference between a PRO-package and a PRO-account?

A PRO-package is limited by the quantity of symbols for plagiarism checker. The bigger size of a PRO-package you buy, the lower the price of 1 000 symbols check.

A PRO-account is limited by the period (a week, a month, a year) and the quantity of symbols (50 000, 100 000, 150 000) daily in the chosen rate for checking texts for plagiarism.

Moreover, A PRO-account allows to use the instruments of AI-Texter. Neurosymbols to work with it are added daily, unused neurosymbols accumulate during the period a PRO-account is active.

You can learn more about the advantages of a PRO-account on the correspondent page. You can find the link in the site header.