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6/9/13 UTC -05:00
Changes added to Plagiarism Checker Algorithm
3/10/13 UTC -05:00
Changes in the algorithm for Plagiarism Checker
1/31/13 UTC -05:00
Algorithm for Plagiarism Checker was improved
1/23/13 UTC -05:00
New opportunity of watching the similarities in check results
11/19/12 UTC -05:00
Plagiarism Checking became more accurate thanks to Users' help
11/18/12 UTC -05:00 project equipment was enhanced
10/24/12 UTC -05:00
We developed new algorithm for Plagiarism Checker which uses fundamentally new methods of analysis
6/20/12 UTC -05:00
The same User's texts which are in the queue are checked together and once
10/24/11 UTC -05:00
New Function of Plagiarism Checker
10/19/11 UTC -05:00
Project equipment was enhanced
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