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11/13/14, 4:00 PM
New Archive of Checked Texts
Dear Users, we are happy to inform you about the updated archive of checked texts which became more user-friendly and informative.
Firstly, there is a filter of text search added:

  1. In the section "Text type" there is a total number of checked texts. You can also display all text types you need to find:

  2. In the section "Access" there are two text types by default. You can use one you need. Texts which are invisible to other Users are black; visible ones are green:

  3. In the section "Originality" there is an indicator: by moving a slider you can easily find a text with an originality you need:

  4. You can sort your texts by the time they were added:

Secondly, all check results are presented in a compact form, you can find the detailed information by clicking on:

If a text was checked repeatedly, there will be links to other versions.

Please note that an updated archive is available to Users who switched on the functionality of the combined check; if you did not, you can write to our Support Team.
In a few days we plan to switch the new check on for all Users.
We hope that the new archive will simplify our Plagiarism Checker.
We wish you pleasant work on our Service.