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8/24/22, 7:13 AM
PRO-account is available for subscription

We have good news for all users today - we've launched the opportunity to subscribe to a PRO-account.

A PRO-account is a subscription that gives you daily extra symbols for plagiarism checker and also increases the speed of checking.

There are 3 options for PRO-account:
✔️Basic – 50 thousand symbols per day;
✔️Standard - 100 thousand symbols per day;
✔️Premium - 150 thousand symbols per day.

You can subscribe to a PRO-account for a week, month or year. The longer period, the lower price per 1000 symbols.

Limit of symbols is updated daily at midnight (12:00 (GMT+3)).

The first 3 days are free! For that you need to sign in at 1Text.com, go to section PRO-account, choose subscription and click on “Start trial”.