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10/2/23, 7:30 AM
New tool AI-Texter will help to generate a text and to detect its author

We added a new tool AI-Texter to the website. It is powered by Neural networks and helps to optimize tasks for those who work with texts.
Convert money to neurosymbols to launch the service. 1000 neurosymbols = 0,2 €.

Use the function Copywriter to generate a post for social media, an article, product description, a plan of articles for a month, etc.
Choose one of the formats and specify the tasks, then click “Generate text”.

Text generation: 0,6 €
Generation of product description for marketplace: 1,8 €

If you need to detect whether the text was written by a human author or AI, choose AI Detector.
Just add the text into the specific field and click “Check the text”. AI Detector will detect the text parts written by AI and highlight them in a few seconds.
The check cost is 0,04 € per 1000 symbols.

Make friends with AI and optimize your work right now.