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Refund Policy

Last updated: 06.04.2022

The MACHINE PLACE s.r.o. (We, Us, Company) strives to provide Users with the Service which is of high quality coupled with strong technical and information support.
To help ensure that the Website under is just what Users need, the Company provides for the Users a free of charge Service to the extent foreseen by the 1text.com User Agreement (that can be accessed via the following link: https://1text.com/user-agreement). You can get more information on such Service by contacting Us via [email protected] or by using our support chat that can be found on the Website.
We understand, however, that exceptional circumstances may occur due to the digital nature of the Services so please, get acquainted with the present 1text.com Refund Policy (Policy) before You register Your Account and start using our Services.
This Policy forms part of the 1text.com User Agreement. You agree to the provisions of this Policy by registering Your Account on the Website as foreseen by the 1text.com User Agreement.
All terms and definitions used in this Policy that are not defined must be interpreted in the meaning specified in the 1text.com User Agreement and its Annexures.

Before the Refund

If You are having an issue with use of the Website, such as You need an assistance to understand how to use the Services, require technical support or face any other obstacles to use the Services, please reach out to us via email [email protected] or by using our support chat that can be found on the Website.

In which cases am I eligible for the refund?

We will accept the refund requests where all following criteria are met:
a) Your submitted refund request satisfies all criteria set forth in the next section of this Policy;
b) The Services fail to correspond to satisfactory quality based on their description provided on the Website, licensing fees and public statements made about the specific characteristics of the Services by the Company.
We hereby reserve the right to deny any refund which fails to meet Our refund criteria.

How can I apply for the refund?

In order to apply for the refund, You shall submit a refund request to Our support team via [email protected].
Your requests for refunds must:
a) Be sent via email to Our support team;
b) Contain Your Account login, date and amount of the payment required to be refunded along with the detailed and grounded reasons why You apply for a refund.

How will the refund be executed?

Upon sending a refund request, You should expect an email from [email protected] and be ready to provide Our support team with additional information and follow all the recommendations.
It might take us up to fourteen (14) banking days to process the refund. In some cases, this period may be actually extended due to the requisitions on the side of payment providers (e.g., banks). In such case You should contact Your bank or other payment provider which services You used for the payment of our Services.
Please be noted, the Company shall not bear any liability for the late refund where it is caused by the payment providers.
The refund will be effectuated via the same payment method and by the same payment provider used to pay for the Services.

Refunded Amount

In case of refund approval by the Company, You will receive the sum of the payment for the Services net of the payment providers' return fees.
Please be noted that the Company will not compensate You with any expenses that were inured due to the payment for the Services to the Company. Such expenses include, but not limited to the commissions of the payment providers, exchange commissions, etc.

Policy Amendment

This Policy may be revised, updated and(or) amended at any time without prior notice at the Company's discretion. If such amendments are made, the date when this Policy was updated will be displayed on the first page of the Policy.
Please be noted that You bear sole responsibility to check on the updates of this Policy. By using the Website after the Policy has been amended, You automatically confirm Your consent to the amended Policy.

Contact Us

Please contact Us for any clarification and any other matters under this Policy via [email protected].