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Payment Rules

Last updated: 22.03.2022

Referred documents:
1text.com User Agreement (present Agreement):
1text.com Privacy and Cookies Policy (annexure to the Agreement):
List of Services (annexure to the Agreement):

Present 1text.com Payment Rules (Rules) provide regulation of the payment for the services rendered by the MACHINE PLACE s.r.o. (Company) via the Website (as defined below). These Rules are annexure to the Agreement and an integral part of the Agreement.


In case any of the words used in the text of this document starts from the capital letter it shall be understood and interpreted in the way foreseen by the present section.

“Rules” means the present 1text.com Payment Rules including all its annexures.
“You” or “User” means an individual holding the status of a Website User who has completed the Account Registration procedure that is foreseen by the General Agreement. For Users who have not completed the Account Registration process, this Offer Agreement applies to the extent of the available Services “Website” means a set of information, web forms, software and intellectual property objects (including computer programs, databases, Website Content and Services) accessed from the User's devices via special software for viewing web pages (browser) under the domain (or (sub)domain, if the domain name has a corresponding attribute) name: 1text.com (equal to http(s)://1text.com, with/without the "www" abbreviation), the exclusive rights and/or the right to use which belong to the Company.
The definition of the term “Service” provided in the List of Services (link to the document can be found on the first page of these Rules). In addition to the definition, for the purposes of these Terms, a Service is also defined as any part of the Service made available to the User for a fee.
“Payment Services” means a set of software and hardware tools provided by the Company to ensure information and technological interaction between the User and the Company and/or other Users when making payments using the Internet, provided, inter alia, by engaging banking institutions and other organisations. The list of Payment Services is determined by the Company and is specified in the section “Payment Services” of these Rules and/or on the Website. Payments shall be made in accordance with these Rules and/or the rules for the use of such services.
“Payment Transaction” means a payment transaction effectuated by the User in favour of the Company.

Terms and definitions in this document which have not been defined in this section shall be interpreted according to the General Agreement (link is provided in this document above) and its annexures unless a different meaning is given to the term herein, and, as last resort, according to their generally accepted interpretation.


1.1. These Terms regulate the methods, procedure and conditions of providing Payment Services to Users for making Payment Transactions on the Website.
1.2. Unless otherwise provided for in the relevant Offer Agreement, the User may use any available Payment Service provided by the Company in relation to the Service, or carry out the Payment Transaction by transferring money directly to the Company's current account on the basis of an invoice issued by the Company for payment. In the case of a non-cash transfer, the date of payment shall be deemed to be the date on which the funds have been credited to the Company's current account.
1.3. The Rules are an annexure to the Agreement, consequently all other matters not covered by the Rules shall be governed by the provisions of the Agreement.
1.4. The Company has the right to amend the Rules and their annexures. In case of such amendments, they shall be effective from the moment of publication of the amended version of the Rules on the Website and shall not require any prior notice (approval, consent) from the Users. The new version of the Rules is effective both for new Users and for the Users who accepted the terms of the Rules before the amendments were introduced.


2.1. The execution of a Payment Transaction by the User in favour of the Company can be made as a counter-payment from the User for the provision of services by the Company under the specific Offer Agreement from the List of Services.
2.2. The Company's remuneration for rendering the services shall be paid by the User on the terms of 100% (One hundred percent) advance payment.
2.3. The amount of such Payment Transaction is stipulated by the provisions of the particular Offer Agreement and/or specified directly on the Website.


3.1. Banking Services
3.1.2. Payment Transactions may be performed by Users using Payment Services provided by banking and other financial institutions (Banking Services). The list of Banking Services used as well as documents regulating their provision are provided in the List of Services. The User may be charged a fee for the use of the Banking Services by organisations providing such services as stipulated in their agreement with the User.Other Services
The Company reserves the right to select and install new Payment Services at its sole discretion and to change the current Payment Services at any time without prior notice to Users.


4.1. In all other matters not regulated by the provisions of these Rules, the Parties shall be governed by the provisions of the Agreement and its annexes, as well as by applicable laws and regulations.
4.2. Should any provision of these Rules be held invalid or unenforceable and be repealed, the remaining provisions thereof shall not be affected, and such invalid/unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid/enforceable and legally relevant provision, which comes as close as possible in its economic content, meaning and effect to the original version of the Rules.
4.3. The User understands and agrees that the Website is not a gambling game, a contest or a bet. The use of the Services is the exercise of their own will and desire and is not a necessary or obligatory condition for the use of the Website.
4.4. The Company may implement other methods of Payment Transactions, the procedure for which is regulated by a document that is referred to in the List of Services and/or on the Website. The User hereby undertakes to read the relevant documents governing the procedure for such Payment Transaction and to perform the Payment Transaction only after accepting their conditions in their entirety prior to executing the Payment Transaction.
4.5. For the purposes of additional identification of the User, the Company reserves the right to request additional information from the User. The list of such information and the terms of its storage and processing are specified in the 1text.com Privacy and Cookies Policy.
4.6. By continuing to use the Payment Transactions methods, the User confirms his/her consent to the relevant user agreements, other documents of the Company, as well as of the banks or other organisations providing the Payment Services. The User hereby agrees, to the fullest extent possible, to the processing of personal data by third parties on behalf of the Company, including, but not limited to: the payment system, the operator of fiscal data, and also agrees to receive an electronic receipt to the telephone number or e-mail address of the User.


If anything is left unclear in the text of these Rules, we will be glad to clarify its provisions.
You can also use the contact details provided in this section for any reason foreseen by the present Rules.
Please contact us via the following email address: [email protected].